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Join us for the journey of a lifetime, and, in doing so, make a difference...

Mad4life was born out of a passion for wildlife and the growing need to take action to protect it.

A wilderness walk is an opportunity to slow down, to feel the ancient earth beneath your feet, to connect with the ancient landscape, to enjoy  the sights, sounds and smells of the landscape, sights, sounds and smells that have remained untouched  by human hands. To walk these wild and ancient trails - forged by the rhino and elephant - is a privilege and honour. It is an intimate journey in an ancient  landscape, an opportunity to learn and understand the  importance of these areas and the desperate need to protect our wilderness areas for our wildlife, for ourselves and for future generations.


Join us at mad4life Wilderness Adventures where your journey is about making a difference to your life and for the future of all.


Mfolozi is the oldest game reserve in Africa, along with St Lucia Reserve having been established in 1895. This is where the Zulu kings such as Shaka hunted and put in place the first conservation laws. Set in the heart of Zululand, it’s 960 km² (96,000 ha) of hilly topography is located 280 km north of Durban in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and is known for its rich wildlife and conservation efforts. All rhino found in Southern Africa originate from the conservation efforts of this park where in the 1950’s where they were brought back from the brink of extinction.







Your experienced guideshave an intimate relationship with the wilderness area in this park and will lead you to an up-close- and-personal experience with the animals in whose footsteps you wander.


The terrain is hilly and the famous White and Black Umfolozi rivers flow through the reserve. The area boasts an immense diversity of fauna and flora.


What to expect – we will be located at Base Camp, a permanent tent camp within one of the wilderness areas, on the banks of the Umfolozi rivers.  Each day, we will walk out into the wilderness, with just a day pack, and follow the rhino paths where ever they take us. It is not a route march and the walking is not difficult, nor the distances far. And along the way, we stop to absorb the atmosphere, listen to the animal and bird calls, marvel at the spiders web strung across the trail, identify spoor and evidence of other animal activity. And so much more.  A wilder option is available where we sleep under the stars and carry with us all that we need.


Action takes many forms and it is our desire to make a difference for life – for the future of all life: humankind, animals and our remaining wilderness areas.


We have chosen – as our beacon of hope – the rhino.This ancient creature has already survived a near extinction at the hands of humankind and will, if we all work together, stand confidently in its rightful place once again because together we really can all make a difference.


The Power of being in Nature provides the opportunity for physical, mental and spiritual growth. It is here, in the wilderness, where the heart connects to the ancient Soul of Africa and awakens at a deeper level.


Join us on this magical adventure.



Wilderness Journey

We invite you to join us for an experience that will connect you with the Power of Nature (often a healing experience). A powerful journey of connection and growth.

Go to our Wilderness Trails page for more details.


Volunteering Programme

We invite you to join us for several weeks where we will work together to make a difference to the future of Africa’s wilderness and the local communities that live alongside it.

Go to our Volunteering page for more details.


Schools Programme

We invite all children to become EcoWarriors – the heroes that we need to save our planet.

Go to our Schools page for more details.

The emphasis of all of our programmes is “to Make a Difference” to your own life and to the
future of our planet.

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